What Is Provably Fair Gambling?

For online randomization to take the next step toward more fairness and transparency, a provably fair method is necessary. In a nutshell, the algorithm takes advantage of the blockchain’s properties to ensure that random events, like the shuffle of a deck of cards or the toss of a coin, are truly random.

What sets provably fair apart from the others current algorithms utilised in gambling is that every participant in a game can independently confirm the randomization procedure.

Provably fairness is a method through which internet gamers all over the world may independently and independently check the integrity of the games they play. Crypto casinos built on the blockchain do this through the use of a provably fair algorithm.

After each game, the algorithm encrypts the session’s final score and delivers it to the player along with a separate key that may be used to double-check the accuracy of the results.

Example of provably fair gambling (betfury)

Comparing a Provably Fair Casino to a Traditional Casino

Provably fair:

Make use of the provably fair process, which creates hands and stores them in a hash that can be checked by participants
Because the blockchain is a public ledger and the provably fair algorithm is used, no intermediaries are required.

The public ledger blockchain and the provably fair algorithm eliminate the need for intermediary services. As the blockchain is a public ledger, and the provably fair algorithm guarantees legitimacy, they are independent of regulatory oversight.

Regular casino:

The results of individual hands should be determined using random number generators. This discourage players from checking the validity of their hands and it only have credibility if you put your faith in the independent auditors who rate them

What is a provably fair casino and how does it work?

For crypto gambling establishments, provably fair may be implemented in a number of different ways. Here, we’ll use only the most typical example. When a fresh hand is played, the algorithm determines a roll-result by utilising three parameters:

The casino provides the serverseed

All you need is a clientseed, which is supplied by the browser you’re using to play the game. Nonce: this variable is incremented by one at the beginning of each new hand, allowing you to easily keep track of which hands belong to which players by the session’s finish.

You will first be given a hash of the encrypted serverseed before you begin. The casino will not be able to alter the integrity of the game you are going to play since it is included in this hash. Because information is transmitted to you in an unbreakable code, you will not be able to use it to predict the outcome of the hands you are going to play.

Ensure the outcomes are accurate.

You won’t be given the original serverseed before you begin playing. If the seed contains knowledge about the outcomes of the hands you are about to be dealt, reading it would mean you could play every hand as a winner. Instead, after your session ends, you’ll be given a hashed serverseed to use in place of the original. There are only 2 simple measures you need to do to find out whether you’ve been cheated on:

Verify that the hashed serverseed the site provides is in fact the hash of the original serverseed. In such scenario, you shouldn’t have any problems. If the site has provided you the correct serverseed, then you may check that everything is fair.


There are three main points to keep in mind while summarising the concept of provably fair algorithms:

  1. At the start of the game, each player is given a secret token or seed to use
  2. Based on the seed, the machine employs a random number generator
  3. The seed you were assigned at the beginning of the game can be used to check the game’s fairness after you’ve finished playing

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