StarBets is a brand new crypto-casino that rewards players with in-house tokens (STARs) Each STAR token earns 2% daily dividends from the dividend pool. As more STAR are mined, their wager costs rise, therefore mine as many as you can today. StarBets might be another wonderful passive revenue stream if it lasts as long as Betfury.

  • High Dividends distributions
  • STAR Tokens Mining
  • Cryptocurrency oriented
  • Active roadmap for the future
  • Up to 25% cashback for the highest rank
  • Not Available in the United States

All you need to know about StarBets is a brand new casino that was launched in March 2022, it is very focused on cryptocurrency and has its own token the STARS that you mine automatically by wagering on the different games. Due to its short existence there are not many games available yet but tournaments with TRX are frequently set up to encourage the players to wager.

Starbets Bonuses & Promotions

All users can take advantage of those promotions :

  • Up to 25% Cashback: Starting at 1% for newbies, the cashback’s value increases based on the user’s VIP ranks.
  • Tournaments: Compete for real-money rewards in a variety of cryptocurrencies through tournaments.
  • STARS Mining: Starbet’s in-house tokens: STARS, allow players to participate in the house’s profit. When you place real money bets, you earn them.
  • Dividend Pool: Every day you will receive dividends corresponding to the number of STARS tokens you have accumulated, Dividend system is a way to distribute platform’s profits between the casino users.

Our Recommendation

This Starbets review identified some of the features as well as all of the available promotions and bonuses. With all of the perks and bonuses that it provides to its clients, we can state that Starbets casino comes highly recommended by us; it has a wonderful and distinct feel to it by the amazing 120% APR and permanent Cashback that is available for players.

They also have a whitepaper that contains the roadmap of improvements and new features that will arrive soon on Starbets which is really good news because the casino will evolve over time.

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Betfury Customer Service

Unfortunately there is no live chat or support on Starbet yet, the only way that can you get assistance is trough the Starbets telegram chat.


Starbets Details

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